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Google chrome is now undoubtedly considered an extremely popular web browser. It has several unique functions, including the ability to connect not only [download apps] to any smartphone, but also to a desktop computer, laptop and chromebook. In order to clearly understand how to download google chrome apps to such devices, follow these steps. Add the application to a regular computer, laptop or chromebook1. Open the google chrome internet browser.2. Go to the chrome online supermarket.3. On the left side of the browser screen, select applications.1. From here you are given the opportunity to resort to the search line (shown above) or analyze the applications offered by google.2. As soon as you can find the application you want to download, click it, and then click the key.3. A small invitation will prompt you to confirm your entry. Click the add application button.1. As soon as you click add an application, it means that it will appear in the existing list of applications. In order to explore the list of chrome applications, enter a special chrome url://apps in the chrome address bar and click enter. Related information As well as eliminating google chrome apps on your computer or chromebook.How to add extensions or add-ons to another browser.How to disable or remove browser extensions.How do i update my own online browser?How to enable plugins through the google chrome browser window.Chrome help and assistance.